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We’re now accepting applications for our summer 2014 IMG MGMT series!

weird internet manThis hairy creature comes from Weird Internet, one of my favorite Tumblrs.

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91 percent of Bob Ross’s paintings included at least one tree.

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Do it!

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With the art handlers’ union vote coming up in just over a week, allegations have emerged charging Mana-Terry Dowd with voter interference.


  • Last week’s inaugural Silicon Valley Contemporary art fair was full of art dealers scrambling to figure out what type of art techies might like. Some, like K&M Art, thought techies might want to unload their bitcoins for art. [Medium]
  • Monday nights you can choose between watching reality TV like Ru Paul’s Drag Race or wrestling entertainment like Raw. It doesn’t matter what you choose; NPR argues that both shows are “essentially one and the same,” both performance art about gender. I’d like to agree, but there’s too much of a focus in this piece on wrestlers performing masculinity and drag queens performing femininity; WWE is full of nearly naked sequined wrestlers twisted into pretzel positions with their oiled-up partners. [NPR]
  • Art collector and dealer Daniel Wolf and artist and architect Maya Lin have an old jail in Yonkers. They’re planning to transform it into studio space and a gallery. No word whether the collection will be made available public, but even so, the piece is pitched as though it’s about the budding art scene of Yonkers. The only other artist they were able to cite out there is David Hammons. The best part of the piece is when they describe the lack of basic amenities on the waterfront as “shopping.” [The New York Times]
  • Lawsuit filed against Brooklyn landlords claims they were quick to kick out black residents to make room for white ones. [Gothamist]
  • For new media lovers: Link Art Center has some sweet-looking art available at Paddle8. [Paddle8]
  • Lindsay Preston Zappas describes Math Bass’s show at Overduin and Co. as an exercise in visual merchandising. Ouch. [Carets and Stick]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker interviewed Alex Katz; she filled in for Leonard Lopate. [NPR]
  • Exhibition A interviews an art collector who’s also an astronaut. The interview’s full of space talk, not so much art talk. [Exhibition A]
  • Pierre Huyghe joins Hauser & Wirth. Not sure what this means for his New York gallery; he’s currently represented by Marian Goodman. [AMA]
  • This month’s issue of e-flux journal is mostly about sex. Sex! [e-flux]
  • Jaimie Warren’s new show at The Hole gets a lauding write up from the Huffington Post. Critic Priscilla Frank is a fan. [The Huffington Post]
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First hair GIFs cinemagraphs took the web by storm in 2010. Now “motion photography” is creating new opportunities for makers. According to a press release from the folks at Saatchi Art, Saatchi Gallery and Google+ pimping their “Motion Photography Prize”, “motion photography”, or, “.GIFs”. is an exploding new field. This is news because Google + has added an “auto awesome” feature to their image uploader, which includes a GIFmaker.


We just spent twenty minutes playing with Andrew Benson’s brand new visual distorter/webcam feature Flow Cam. I made my own Marilyn Minter! You can too.

Animal’s Marina Galperina has talked to Benson about the effect which is not, in fact, datamoshing.

“It uses per-pixel motion analysis (optical flow) with a little conditioning as a control signal for image distortion,” Benson tells her. “Similar to how mpeg/divx works, but not based on that tech. It’s a kind of video feedback effect.”

And if you really want to melt your face off become one with the digital, make a GIF of yourself and then run that GIF through the gif melter. But be warned! It’s probably not good for those prone to seizures.